I'm taking a break from all the sunny Mexico photos today. Instead I wanted to share our trip to the Midway Ice Castle from over the weekend!
We have been wanting to go since they opened in early January. 
Finally we found a weekend when no one was sick and we didn't have to work.
If you live in Utah, you know this event is an annual thing. 
It's something we've always wanted to do, but never had the chance to until this year. 
I'm so happy I was able to experience this for the first time with Coco. 
She sees things I never notice. It gives me fresh perspective on beauty around us and I love it.
We got there when it was Coco's nap time, so she wasn't amused initially, but once we got through the first tunnel she got so excited.  
We really had such a fun time walking around, exploring and taking photos. 
Here are 5 tips to make your first time experience better. 
1. Purchase your ticket and reserve your time in advance. They sell out fast. We wanted to go a little before sunset, so we can still take photos in the daylight, but stay to see the nightlight and get the best of both worlds, but all the prime time hours were already booked.  
2. Go to the bathroom before you go. They have porter potty, but it's super cold outside, and it's not the most ideal situation for little ones. 
3. Leave your strollers at home. The ground is loose and it's almost like you are walking in deep sand.  Bring a carrier instead. We just carried Coco with us and allowed her to walk whenever she wanted to, and we got through fine. But I did see lots of other guests with their carriers. 
4. Bring pocket warmers with you. 
5. Wear warm snow boots that insulated. I saw girls with their cute hunter boots and I died a little inside. Hunter boots are not snow boots. They are made for rain. I can't imagine walking through loose ice in them. You are asking for frostbite. Get your Sorels or Uggs, anything that is made for snow. You and your toes will thank me later. I'm a genius, so I went in my leather boots that isn't really meant for snow and I almost died from frozen toes. 
 I'm giving away a pair of tickets to the Midway Ice Castle on Instagram AND another pair on Snapchat. Go follow and enter this afternoon! 
Snapchat: Sashaiteno
Instagram: Sashai
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 // Off Shoulder Crop Top // Distressed Denim Shorts [Restocked in ALL sizes] // Oversized Sunglasses  // Scarf [Gift from a friend]

Going through our photos from Cancun gives me a heartache. I miss it so much.
I should have posted all these while I was there! I have few more outfit photos from Mexico and I promise I will move on to something more wintery since it's full on winter weather over here in good 'ol Utah. Did I mention that I miss the warm weather and beach? haha...

I'm already getting the itch for another tropical vacation. too bad we have work, responsibilities, and limited PTO. Although, we will be heading out on another small adventure at the end of this month. It won't be anywhere tropical, but it will be warmer... hopefully! 

I hope you are all having a great day!

The super comfy and affordable shorts are restocked in all sizes. Get them before it sells out! 

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Swim Suit Coverup [old but similar below] //  Pink Mirror Sunglasses [$50!!] // 
This Mara Hoffman coverup dress is from last season, but she has so many darling ones out this year. I'm tagging all the ones I like below. Some of the dresses are on deep discount, so make sure you check them out! 

Excuse the mess on the blog. I'm in the middle of giving a small facelift. 
It's been too long!

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Pencil Skirt // Crop Top Tank // Two Tone Ankle Strap Heels [old] // Neon Clutch [similar] // Pink Mirror Sunglasses // 

This look is from the first night's dinner party. 
I love love love the combination of crop tops and pencil skirts. 
And can I quickly talk about my love for neoprene? 
I have a lot of skirts that are made out of that material and I love every single one of them. 
This pencil skirt was also made out of that material. 
The design is structured, but the fit is the most comfortable thing ever. 
And can I also mention that this whole outfit was less than $150? 
I'm feeling pretty great about that. 

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