Exploring Seattle

Lehi turned 30 years old on the 5th, so I surprised him with a trip to Seattle. 

We landed in Emerald city super early and thankfully Four Seasons was so kind to accommodate and allow us to check-in a lot earlier. That seriously saved us because we were all exhausted and it was passed Coco's first nap time. They really made our stay and Lehi's birthday extra special. 

So, I've been to Seattle's airport quite a bit, but I've never had the chance to explore the city and Lehi had never been either, so we were so so so excited to get to know the beautiful city everyone raved about. We all know that New York has my heart. Well, Japan has my heart, but if we are talking domestic cities, it would be New York. BUUUUT after this trip.... I think Seattle came in a close second. 

I actually never expected it to love it so much. We got lucky and had the best weather ever too... 
I wish I can hop back on a plane right now and jet back to that beautiful city. The city, nature, architecture, culture, and the FOOD.  It fits us perfectly. We fit in perfectly. 

If you guys haven't been you need to add it to your list of places to visit. AND go eat at Japonessa, Lola, La Panier, and Pike Place Chowder. Also, go on a private sailing trip through Lake Union Charters. They are ridiculously affordable and so awesome. Those are just some of our favorite things about Seattle among many!

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Nordstrom Annual Sale

You guys have already seen it all over the world wide web. 
It's that time of the year! Nordstrom's annual sale. 
Everyone makes such a big fuss about this because it really is one of the best sales. 
I'm always so flattered when people ask for my recommendations and opinion on things. 
So, I selected the best of the best. The real good stuff. 
There are certain items that are still not quite marked down enough for me to justify and purchase but the ones I curated below are the ones I deemed the cheapest online. 
This is the time of the year when I typically buy Christmas presents in advance and stock up on items I use daily. 

I hope you guys find something you like.  Just a friendly reminder... Nordstrom offers free shipping and return. If you like something, just get it rather than having the item sit in your cart and think about it. I promise, if you are anything like me, you will regret it. Often sale items for NSale goes super fast. Some items even sell out before the sale becomes public. If you are not a Nordstrom reward member, quickly sign up here to get early access! 

Happy shopping!

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