Maybe this will explain the lack of post on here and on all my social media. 
We've been blessed with the opportunity of being able to get pregnant with another baby! 

Initially when we had Coco we knew we wanted to try to get pregnant shortly after Coco's 1st birthday, but due to some health issues I have that needed treatment for me to go into remission, we wanted to wait a little longer than our initial plan, but I guess God had different plans, or maybe we weren't careful enough because we struggled getting pregnant with Coco... but much to our surprise we found out that we were pregnant at the beginning of this year. 

The first few weeks were brutal since I was experiencing pretty bad symptoms from my sickness combined with morning sickness. Lehi and my mom literally had to take care of me and Coco. I honestly don't know what I would have done with out them. Now that we are expecting baby #2, I have to postpone my treatment. Even though it's physically tough most days, I'm so thankful that I get this chance to carry this baby. 

I have no doubt Coco will be an amazing older sister. She is already so motherly and caring to all her little baby toys. It's the cutest thing. I don't know how babies can have these instinct at such a young age, but I'm so excited to see her interact with her little baby sibling. 

I will write our pregnancy update once in a while to document for the next few months until the baby is here! 

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Crop Top Tank [$20 and the quality is amazing] // Silky Patterned Pants [old but similar here] // Brown Heels [similar]// Neon Clutch [similar] // Fedora [on SALE!!]
I lived in this crop top tank when we were in Mexico! I swear it goes with everything. I also feel like it gives the false illusion of my legs being longer than what it actually is. I love that though. I need any help I can get there. 
Also, can I quickly talk about how I have white sugar stain on my right boob in the photos. 
I just noticed after I uploaded the photos and I am a little too lazy to edit those out. I'm not really photoshop savvy. So I'm sorry that's there. Such an eye sore. But in case you are wondering... I had Mexican donuts and yes, they were delicious. It was worth the stain. 

I hope you guys are having a fantastic day! 
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Dress [$51] // Pom Pom Clutch // Sunglasses [almost identical for only $45!! ]// High Heel Gladiators (Under $50!) // 

When I'm on a tropical vacation, I always gravitate towards super easy and comfortable outfits. 
This top is just that. It's loose and comfortable, but still has some character. 
I paired this dress with high heel gladiators I'm obsessed with for dinner one night. 
I got lots of compliments on this outfit, but especially the heels! 
I should have purchased them in other colors. When I checked recently they only had the color I'm wearing available. 

It's a steal you guys! Get them for your next tropical vacay! 

I got burned really bad one day because I didn't apply sunscreen on consistently throughout the day. And you can definitely tell in these photos. Sorry for the hurtful pictures, guys. 

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Hey guys, do you remember me? I was on a roll blogging two months ago. 
I got really, really, reaaaallly sick and my world turned upside down right after we got back from Cancun. For a brief moment, I swear I thought I legit had Zika. As it turns out, my immune system disorder just got worse, so I was on bed rest for a while... I was going to start my first round of immunotherapy, but that had to be put on hold for other reasons we were expecting. It's just been crazy around here. We had to cancel two of our trips because I got really ill. I'm finally feeling a little better, so no more bed rest for me! I just have to remember to keep things slow and easy -- which is nearly impossible with a toddler. 

Anyway, I found these photos from Cancun I never posted, so I thought I'd post them. 

On a different note, we have some super exciting news to share soon!! 

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