Smart Way to Buy Glasses

Do you remember when I used to be a style blogger? That seems forever ago! ( Now, I'm just an occasional blogger.) So.... I think I mentioned before on here how I feel about splurging on every single piece of your clothing and accessories. Anyone with a hefty budget can create an incredible outfit. People that I admire the most are the ones that take low-end items and making them look high-end. 
Since I'm not gifted like those people that I respect and admire, I throw in a piece or two high-end items in my outfit usually like a purse, sunglasses, or occasionally shoes. These are three items that I tend to splurge on the most. Buuuut, I will still never ever pay retail cost. I pride myself in being a savvy shopper. 
I recently have been searching for a pair of Celine sunglasses I saw on Pinterest. I never tried it on, but I just knew I was going to love it. I finally found the name and looked around and found out that it was a lot more than what I wanted to pay for a pair of sunglasses. But then I somehow stumbled on SmartBuyGlasses and found the exact pair I wanted on there for a lot less than the other sites!! They always guarantee the best price, so you know you can confidently shop there. I was soooo excited you guys. 
AND... until the 30th, they are having a killer Black Friday sale and the exact same pair is now half off!! I got a good deal, but this is even better. I don't even know how that's possible. I'm going back to get a different color. 
I can't make any promises, but I'm going to do my best to do a round up of all the Black Friday sale items I purchased tomorrow.... 
I hope you guys are having a fantastic week with your family and loved ones! 
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Coco Turns ONE!

We celebrated Coco's birthday over the weekend by throwing a small party.
We wanted it to be super low key. It's honestly so easy for me to get carried away with events like this. Initially, I wanted to invite all of our close friends too, but as the guest list grew I knew I either had to book a venue to host all the guest and buy more food which would be insanely expensive, or scale down on the guest list. Well, I wasn't about to book a venue and have a lavish birthday party for my baby girl as much as I love her. She'll get something lavish when she gets married, if that is what she wants.... 
Fall and winter birthdays are hard! If it were warmer I would just have it at a park or something.... 
I'll stop ranting. 
Anyway, so we just invited our family. 
It was small, but perfect. 
Quite honestly, the easiest, stress-free party I've ever thrown. 

I honestly can't believe that Coco is one. 
Unlike most of my mama friends, it really hasn't hit me. 
It hasn't sunk in that I'm a toddler's mother and a whole year just past by me. 
I can't help but to feel like our life is running away. 
I have conflicting emotions. Mixture of sadness and happiness, bittersweet feelings about the fleeting nature of childhood. 

You guys... my baby girl is one. ONE! 

One whole year of being a mama. 
This past year felt like the longest journey at times, but now that I look back, it went in the blink of an eye and my baby is no longer a baby. She is this little girl. 
This first year with my bestest girl
has been one hell of an adventure.
An adventure which I'm a little sad to put behind us,
but when I think of all the adventures that we still have to come,
I just feel excited,
and so incredibly lucky that I get to be this girl's mama.

I love you with all my heart baby girl,
my little best friend in the making.

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Trick or Treating

Oh you guys... can I tell you how long we planned for this day? 
When we had Coco last year, we promised each other that we will celebrate holidays big. 
Halloween was always fun, but never a holiday we got really into. 
So earlier this year, I started searching for a family costume and Lehi and I mutually decided on Addams family. During my research I was able to create a long list of characters and people we can be, so I don't think we will ever have an idea shortage in that department. 
But also, I am well aware that at age 2 or 3 Coco will have her own opinion and want to dress up as whatever she wants, so I'm embracing myself for that day and we are committed to dress up around her. Can you tell that we are really taking this "celebrate big" thing? I'm all in, totally dedicated. 
I want her to look back and have great memories of her childhood. 
Anyway, trick or treating was a blast. 
Although, there were few things that I didn't really calculate..... like doorsteps. We tried to hit up all the homes without steps, so I can stroll Coco right up to the door, but there were few that had couple of steps, so I would go run up the door in my heels and ring the doorbell and come back down and wait with Coco for the door to open. It was a workout you guys. Coco absolutely loved seeing all the halloween decoration and kids. Those are two things she's been obsessed with for a while. She loves pumpkins and skeletons too, it was almost like a preview of Disneyland for her! I wish the night lasted longer. I could watch her reaction to things forever. She is so animated. She is definitely my baby girl. 
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