top: target {similar here}| pants: boutique from japan {similar here} | flats: zara | hat: tj maxx watch: michael kors {similar here} | necklace: marc jacobs | tote: marc by marc jacobs

for the first time we visited the park city market over the weekend. 
the weather was a little moody and super windy (hence my crazy hair), but we still managed to see a lot of booths and eat yummy local food. 
i definitely recommend checking it out if you are anywhere near park city over the weekend! 

also, the marc by marc jacobs tote that i'm holding in the picture is only $35! 
i take it whenever i go grocery shopping, taking my puppy out somewhere, or when we go to the movies-- it's the perfect size to sneak in some snacks for the movie! 

Nautical Stripes said...

Wow, I absolutely love your blog and aesthetic! Love your style and all the recipes you make! I especially love how much in common we have :) It's funny that you say you look more asian when you don't wear makeup because that is exactly how I feel. No one ever believes I'm half asian unless I'm not wearing makeup. Well, I love your bag and love everything about this blog! I'm your newest follower and thanks for commenting!

Mindy at