Poncho: Nordstrom Rack | Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Pants: Zara | Heels: Zara | Bag: Zara | Hat: TJ Maxx | Watch: Michael Kors |

I'm still loving pastel in this crisp weather.
I love paring pastel with beige.
This combination has been on repeat for me lately. 
Is there an outfit or something you've been wearing frequently lately?

Also, I've been making yummy carmel apples all afternoon.
Can't wait to share the recipe with you guys!

Have a great day!

Thania said...

LOVE your blog so much!!
I'm your newest follower!! Hope you foolow me back!!:)



pretty little things said...

love the mint and camel combo for fall! xo


McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...

Love this outfit! That poncho looks so cozy. I love your jeans.

Bel said...

The mint color looks so nice on you! I find it doesn't suit me :(
Can't wait for your caramel apples recipe! I love eating those sticky things!

Cait Val said...

this look is so perfect!!!! the tan poncho & mint jeans are such a unique {but beautiful} take on a fall look!!! obsessed.

xo. c & v
cake & valley

My Scrambled Style said...

What a lovely look. I like the poncho and the hat.

Simona said...

Your hat rocks!

Sheila said...

Lovely look!! Love the mint jeans. :)

xo - Sheila

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I have your same shoes. They are very nice but for me they are uncomfortable. I love your bag .. Keep in touch

Marloes said...

NEED your jeans! They have the perfect color. You look absolutely gorgeous. Great blog! x

moe talks A LOT said...

I've definitely been feeling mint for fall this year - I always kind of felt that it was more of a spring color, but mint just keeps catching my eye!
Found you on mormon fashion bloggers, I'm your newest follower #238 - follow back if you like moetalksalot.blogspot.com

Little-Hat said...

I will definitely have to bust out my mint pants again, soon...It's been awhile since I've worn them, but you've inspired me! :)


Dearest Lou said...

Gee you seriously need to stop being so dang beautiful! I love this look<3

Dearest Lou

Phuong said...

Love your mint pants! I will be wearing mine for fall too. I love your shoes as well! :)


Caroline Goldingham said...

love love LOVE your hat!
- Ididtellyou.blogspot.com

Mode a'Portee said...

Love the combination.. Great style!

House of Tong said...

You need to be signed with a legit modeling agency!! I LOVE YOUR JAWLINE!! Okay, that sounds wierd but from a photographer, it can make all the difference in a photo! XOXOXOXOXXO

sasha said...

oh my goodness, i just read this comment. i'm dying from flattery!! you sure know how to boost my confidence!! thanks, love!!

sasha said...

oh my goodness. cece! you just made my day! i was just going through some comments, and really.. i think yours was my favorite!! thank you!!


sasha said...

I'm so happy to hear that!! :)


sasha said...

Oh, stop, Bel! Surely mint will look fabulous on you!!
I think you just need to find the right shade and cut.
You should definitely check out Zara. I got this one for $35.
I love their free shipping and free returns! Risk free shopping is always the way to go, right?