I have a huge treat for you guys today! 
I'm having the beautiful ladies from Thread Ethic do a guest post. 
They perfectly marry high-end fashion with modest style. 
I don't often crush on style blogs, but when I do... 
It's Thread Ethic

whomever got that joke is my new best friend. ;)

I promise you will all be so pleased I introduced them to you. 


Hey lovely Moiology readers! We're the girls over at Thread Ethic. 
We know how hard it is to run a fashion blog while you're sick (just take a look at the absence of one of us on our pages because of a very, very sick pregnancy). 
So we figured we'd help Sasha out here today. 
Our look is made up of pre-existing pieces in our closet, but you can find similar elements here... Jacketsweaterblouseskirt
The main fall trends we're working here are burgundy (Sasha also referred to it as "oxblood" in her fall trends post), the Valentino white collar (seen here as well) and the edgier leather trend (which is still seen through the spring 2013 runways). 
Throw in this type of skirt cut (similar to Burberry Prorsum) and voila! 

A little peek into what we do over at Thread Ethic. 
Now go get better Sasha! 

Fabulous Petite said...

Very nice look. Love it.



very, very nice;)

Rainbow Gatherer said...

great outfit,so simple and chic!

Ksenia said...

i love it!stylish

Ire said...

Lovely outfit!


Mode a'Portee said...

Love the look.. Nice peter pan collared top.