I feel incredibly privileged to share this new cause I am part of. 
Shannon produced this wonderful opportunity for us to be able to give back during this holiday season. 

I've been a huge advocate for ASPCA and RAINN. 
I'm so thrilled that I am able to contribute to such worthy, fiscally responsible organizations whose missions are so close to my heart. 

I pledge to donate $1 for each GFC follower I get until December 16th. 

These other beautiful ladies are pledging to give back to their favorite organization as well. 
Go check them out! 

Shannon from Style with Shannon-- Creator

Nerza said...

Congratulations. :)
I'm happy for you.

I am a long time follower here,
Please follow back.


beAllTheRage said...

that's great:)

Jessi said...

What an awesome, unique charity to donate to! Glad you're a part of this awesome project too! I'd follow, but I already am!!

sasha said...

Thanks, Jessi! I kept on checking your blog today to see if you posted yours. ;)
I'm heading over there again now. xx