| Cardigan: Rag & Bone ( Husband's) | Shirt: Uniqlo  | Cords: J.crew  | Slippers: Derek Lam | Necklace: Max & Chloe    

We got quite the snow today!
It truly is winter wonderland here in Utah.
I love it.

I know this will sound completely odd, but I love shoveling our driveway.
In fact, Lehi, my husband and I fight over shoveling our driveway.
Bizarre, right? I think it's because we are still so excited to have our own driveway. 
I'm sure that will fade away by next year... 

Also, having a dog has made this winter so much more enjoyable. 
I love seeing our Luna's reaction. 
She definitely entertains us with all the crazy things she does in the snow. 

I think I'm finally getting used to the winter months here in Utah.
I thought I'd never see this day come...

Chic Illusion said...

this is like a magazine editorial.. love it.. and i love your slippers as well. hope you had a lovely christmas and all the best for 2013!!


monochrome affair http://www.chicillusion.com/

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like your styling. It is a very elegant color. Keep in touch

Naomi at The Occasional Indulgence said...

These photos are so adorable. You look so happy and cozy! Feel free to shovel my driveway allllll you want :)


Lilly said...

Love this relaxed look!
I'm the same way when it comes to shoveling. I don't think hubby believes me when I tell him that I do enjoy it (even if it's for 10 min :)

Emily said...

Cute pictures! Love that cardigan!! I shoveled our driveway last night for the 2nd time in my life...I love the snow!!


House of Tong said...

I can't wait to know what its like to own our home which prolly will be never for as long as we live in the Bay Area! p/s: i LOVE that couch! I bet your home is stylin' as you two are! xoxo

yonosoyunaitgirl said...

Nice pics and great look! XX

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

Love seeing you steal your hubby's sweatshirt - I find a lot of my favorite pieces hidden on his side of the closet!

Hope you're staying warm!


sasha said...

That's such a flattering comment! Thank you so much. :)
And I hope you had a fabulous Christmas as well!
Happy almost new year! xx

sasha said...

Thank you, Marta! You are always so kind...
I tend to keep my colors muted during the winter months.
I know it can get a bit boring with all the earth tones. ;)

I hope you had a lovely Christmas!


sasha said...

Thanks, Lily!
It's funny that we are just discovering our love for shoveling snow. I think the key is having warm coat and boots! I can stay out there forever in the driveway! haha..

I'm also thinking about going out and purchasing another shovel just for my husband. ;)

sasha said...

Thanks, Emily! I used to hate the snow before this year... But thankfully I've grew some appreciation for it this year! ;)

sasha said...

Girlfriend, our house is still empty! The couch is one of the few furnitures we have. Having a home can be so great, but it comes with it's negatives too, ya know? And furnishing is one of them- it takes forever!! At least for me... I can't seem to settle on anything!

sasha said...

Thank you, lady!! xx

sasha said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment, Maya!
And it's so true! My husband says that I wear his clothes more than himself. ;)


Zhanna Frid said...

Beautiful pics. You look so warm and cozy in your sweater!!

Kacie Cone said...

Love those shoes and that cardigan looks very comfy!

Anonymous said...

the chunky cardigan looks great! i like your shoes! you should show us pictures of your dog haha :D

Rupa said...

beautiful sweater. Love the way you have tied up your hair...Happy New Year ear...


Anonymous said...

im your newest follower! im originally from Provo, Ut ;) love your blog... cant wait to read more.


sasha said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment, Jasmine!
So you are from Provo? Such a small world! I see that you live in Vegas now.
My husband and I go there once every three months or so.
It's such a nice little get away from Utah! Plus, you can't really beat the shopping. ;)

Keep in touch!


sasha said...

Haha... thank you! Hoenstly, it's a slippery slope for me. I could easily convert this blog into all about my puppy dog! ;)
With that being said, I'm currently working on a instagram roundup--which will consist ton of photos of that furry cute thing!

sasha said...

Thanks, Kacie! I'm all about comfort as of late. ;)

sasha said...

Thanks, Rupa! You are the first one to compliment on my messy bun.
It's like a bird's nest. I always just have it up when I'm home. It's just getting too long, I think.
Anyway, thank you for your comment!
And happy almost new year to you too!


Mode a'Portee said...

Love your cozy outfit.. Love snow too!!