| Coat: J.crew |  Shirt: Gap |  Leggings: Target  |  Socks: Target |  Boots: Kohls |  Bag: Bally |  Sunglasses: Karen Walker 

I've been extremely exhausted lately from lack of sleep. 
I feel like everything is finally catching up to me now. 

I had my little baby nephew today. 
(I get to watch him once every other week...)
He is such a riot. Big ball of energy. 
I was hardly able to keep up with him. 
But I sure do love him. 
His energy and smile is contagious. 
He gave me a little boost of energy while he was here, but as soon as his dad came to pick him up, a switch instantly went off in my body. 
I completely shutdown and now I'm writing this as I dose off every 2 minutes, fighting to stay awake. 

It was a looong day. 
A great day. But long... 
And I think it shows in my outfit, my hair, and my face. 
One of those days, I guess... ;) 

I'm ready for Friday already. 
How is your week so far? 

pretty little things said...

this is a great winter look! xo


Marsa said...

absolutely love this outfit! i've been tired too. after a long break, its hard to get up at 6 am every morning again. i watched some nieces and nephews over the break too. they were sick and i got some of their sickness. awesome. haha

Дарина Данилова said...

Great boots)

Lima Ché said...

Love your style!
That outfit is really great!
Love the boots with the res detail at the back!
Lovely blog!


dreamingincashmere said...

SO fun that you got to spend time with your little nephew!! I adore this whole look, the boots, the coat, everything!! Are you in Utah?

Nancy said...

I'm so ready for Friday as well!
LOVE those boots. Kohls really?? =)


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love your boots and your sweater with stripes. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

TaraMixandMatch said...

Adorable! I really love those boots, especially the fun back!

sasha said...

thanks, steph!


sasha said...

Oh, no! That's awful! I hope you feel better soon, Marsa! And thank you for stopping by and commenting!


sasha said...

Thank you!!


sasha said...

Hi Lima!

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment. :)
I hope you come back again soon!


sasha said...

Hi Amy!

Yes! I am in freezing Utah. Are you also in Utah?

sasha said...

Crazy right? Kohls secretly have lots of hidden gems. ;)

Thanks for stopping by Nancy!


sasha said...

You are so sweet, Marta!

Thank you!!


sasha said...

Thanks, Tara! It's one of my favorite boots to wear when I'm out running errands all day long or running after the little one. ;)


Jen said...

If this is you on a tired day, am I ever jealous! Your skin still looks dewy, fresh and completely blemish free! p.s. Your blog is beautiful - clean, fresh and inspirational - happy to have stumbled upon it. :)


sasha said...

Wow. by far the sweetest comment I've received today! Thank you! I really wasn't feeling like posting these since I wasn't feeling my best, but my husband said I made a commitment to post 4 times a week, so I reluctantly posted it.

Thanks so much again for the wonderful comment!
I hope you will come back again soon. ;)


Gentri said...

I am so ready for the weekend! Goodness. I love this outfit, so much!

Anonymous said...

I love your bag! Your coat looks so warm and cozy! :D

Brittany LeSueur said...

This outfit is just perfect! And those sunnies...I just love them! I wish I looked like you on tired days! not fair! -new follower!

Mol C. Nichols said...

Everyone is thinking the same thing as I am - love the boots and need to run to Kohls ASAP

Marlen said...

i totally feel the same way about being tired all the time- i feel like i need a day long nap! and that's so cute you get to babysit your little nephew once a week- i can't wait till my cousins start popping out little cuties haha. and i like your chic outfit- especially that structured bag!

Kristal said...

You are a doll! I mean so pretty and I love this outfit! I have no idea how I am just now finding you blog! Newest follower.

Elise Rogers said...

so dang cute!!! I love all those colors together! You have amaing fashion sense:)

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Chelsea said...

Holy zipper detail! These boots are bananas and I hope you're feeling better.

Chelsea & The City

Jacy said...

I love how the red trim on your boots ties in with your striped top! Perfect cold weather look :)