Jacket: TJ Maxx {loving this one|  Pullover: H&M {similar|  Tank: F21 |  Leggings: Kohls |  Sneakers: Steve Madden {major love for this one|  Cap: J.crew |  Purse: 3.1 Phillip Lim | 

My love for sneaker wedges started when I saw Beyonce wear a pair of black Isabel Marants in her music video late 2011. 
I thought it was cool, but didn't think I'd hop on this trend just until I saw Miranda Kerr sporting it early spring. I mean, let's face it. 
If Miranda was sporting it, I had to try it out. 
I kind of worship her. 
Some of you who follow me on Pinterest would know all my excessive pins of Miranda. What can I say!? That mama's got killer style.

I had to go on a hunt for sneaker wedges that were affordable since forking out $700+ for a pair of Isabel Marants were out of the question. 
Finally I found some last spring at Steve Madden. And I've been in looooove. 
This hybrid footwear is both fashionable and functional in my opinion. 
I know a lot of people still have reservations about this trend, especially where I live. 
But hopefully I will start seeing more edgy girls wearing high tops around here! 

Miss Top Ten Image said...

Cool look darling!! The bag is beautiful!


KnotKouture said...

i had reservations for a while as well. but think its changing i might get them in white.

new post http://www.knotkouture.com/2013/01/loving-angels-instead.html

Setarra said...

I think you pull off those wedge sneakers perfectly! I've been going back and forth for a while on them ... Still haven't jumped the fence yet but if I do, I'll definitely look into what Steve Madden has :)

Marsa said...

ughhh i've been wanting sneaker wedges for months now! but i can't find the perfect pair and i can't decide whether to get black, or taupe. seeing yours in black makes me want black. but then ill see someone else with cute taupe ones and then i'll want taupe too!
oooh the decisions. they're killin me

The DayLee Journal

Anonymous said...

i just purchased those Steve Maddens over the weekend! they are amazing. love how youve styled them!


Bri Rios said...

I have been loving the sneaker wedge trend, but haven't known how to wear them because I have a girly kind of style. I have these pink and black Nike high-tops that I've had for at least 3 years and have only worn them a handful of times!! I gotta start figuring out how to wear them cause I love sneakers!!

Tesa Jurjaševič said...

lovely look!

Anonymous said...

The sneakers look great on you! Ah yes, I have a pair of high top sneakers stored away for a couple of years, I have yet to take them out and start wearing them again! :D

Sophie @TheForge said...

I don't really know why people are so unsure about the sneaker wedges. It's like wearing sneakers but getting the long legs as a bonus!! I love my Buffalo ones and I wear them all the time :) Love that you threw on a hat as well!


Rupa said...

Love the touch of that cap to this look...


Sheila said...

I've been looking for a pair of sneaker wedges! Those are soo cute on you!! :)

xo - Sheila

Adiel Cloud said...

Gotta love Utahns and their late-adoption, right? Super chic look!