I don't know what it is, but I'm wearing awfully a lot of reds lately.
And I never realized how many red outerwear I owned!
Maybe it's my subconscious's favorite color... 

Anyway, I have a busy busy day ahead of me today. 
I have to get a lot done before we go on vacation.
Oh, annnnd I have my much needed hair appointment. 
I've been wanting to do something different with my hair, but I've backed out every single time when I sat in that chair. I'm such a wuss. 
I just need to commit. 
You might be seeing a different me tomorrow! 
Someone hold my hand, pleease! 

Like I said in my earlier post, I'm making changes on the design of this bloggy, so please be patient! 

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

LOVE those heels :)

XO Meghan

Marta said...

Hello from Spain, i agree with you that i love the color red. Keep in touch

Emma Davidson said...

love your stripe shirt and your pants .. nice outfit! xoxo

Emma <3
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pretty little things said...

love the color of that blazer! xo


Sheree said...

I am LOVING those jeans..the wash and the fit are fab!
Sheree xxx

CP and KW said...

gorgeous jacket with the shoes and slouchy jeans. perfect look for any day of the week!
kw, ladies in navy

Asher said...

Love that jacket! So freakin' cute! I love the whole look, really!

Shannon Willardson said...

Love the red blazer!


Sarah Lawrence said...

Okay I am finally convinced that I must have a red-orange blazer! I die for this one!! Love how you paired it with a distressed looking jean and a classic shoe! Your a style queen!!


Sonja said...

Love the new design you've been working on sasha! Also I love all the red too. It brings such a pop of color to the dullness of winter. I just wish I could wear more of it myself! And I commend you on the changing up of the hair too! It really does take a lot of guts! I'm excited to see it!

Ksenia said...

whats a beautiful color!!!

Chelsea said...

I love that you're bold enough to rock red all the time! I'm really enjoying the changes as well.

Chelsea & The City

Nancy said...

adore this pop of red! It's a color that I actually want to own more of!


kelsey bang said...

those sunnies, shoes, pants, top knot hair, love it all! I for one love your hair as it is! you are doing something new?! cant wait to see!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!


Bel said...

Gorgeous outfit! Love the color of your jacket! And the style of the jeans is awesome :)
Can't wait to see your new hairstyle!!
Take care

Naomi said...

If I didn't know it was red, I would have thought it to be orange. My monitor must be off... But I still like it all nonetheless! xoxo

The Occasional Indulgence

Marsa said...

i love the wash of your jeans!!
cant wait to see the new hair too :)
and can't wait even more for us to hang out!!

Brandi said...

I love the jeans! they're perfect on you!

I'm your newest MFB follower ;)


Anonymous said...

I love how the blazer looks with the jeans! Haha, I'm not very adventurous with my hairstyle, I've just gone to get it trimmed really for the past couple of times

Emily said...

What a great blazer! You look amazing.


CoastWithMe said...

You look red hot girl! Love that blazer with the striped top, distressed denim, and those Zara heels:)! Gorgeous as usual! Btw...am I hallucinating...and did mention this already???....BUT something feels/looks different about your blog....am I right?

Jeeh Neumann said...




P.S.LilyBoutique said...

Lovely heels! :)x


Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

I love this while look but those jeans are amazing!!

Mode a'Portee said...

Casual but really chic.. Love your red coat and jeans!

kali said...

Sasha! Could you be any more beautiful? And these posts-- I'm dying. You are my new favorite fashion blogger (and I read way too many fashion blogs). I'm coming to Salt Lake this month and would DIE to go shopping with you!

Sandy a la Mode said...

ummmm i am in LOVE w/ your blog! so glad to have found it!!

Sandy a la Mode

Jessica said...

I love this outfit! So simple, sexy, and polished! -Jessica L

dreamingincashmere said...

Love this!! The orange is fabulous on you!

M Sharjeel said...

woooooooowww niceeeeeeeeeeeee
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