There was a fun little tag going on Instagram called "5 things about yourself."
I was tagged by couple of my friends, but I never got around doing it.
I know I don't share a lot about myself on this blog, so I thought it would be fun to do it here and have you guys get to know me better. 
Plus, I was so sick yesterday that I wasn't able to get out of my pajamas. 
Which means no outfit post today.... :(

With that being said, I want to get to know you guys more too! 
I would love it if you wrote a little bit about yourselves in the comment section. 

So, here are 5 things you don't know about me...

1. As a child I used to be terrified of Beetlejuice. I would have nightmares frequently. I couldn't knock on a door three times, or even say the name Beetlejuice  22 years later, I can finally say his name. But I don't think I could ever watch the movie still...

2. I don't like jam. In fact, I don't like apple pie, peach cobbler, any fruit that's been heated at one point.
It's really odd. I can only eat cold fruit. And while we are talking about things I don't like, I hate mayo,  raw tomatoes, and pickles.

3. I'm from Sapporo, Japan. My mother is Japanese and my father is American. I grew up in Japan for 16 years. Because I attended Japanese public schools, japanese is my first language. 

4. I'm caring to a fault. I can confidently say I don't know anyone that cares as much as I do. It's a sickness I have. I easily get affected by emotion's of others and have unhealthy expectations for perfectionism. Because of this trait that I have I am naturally a sensitive person.

5. I love the TV show Friends. It never gets old. I can quote the entire series better than anyone. And speaking of TV shows, I used to never watch lots of series, but ever since I've been married I've become a little obsessed with a handful of shows like... Dexter, Breaking Bad, Homeland, The Walking Dead, and occasional trash TV shows like the Vampire Diaries, The Bachelor, and........ all the Kardashian shows. I'm not proud of it guys... But I've been sucked in to their world just like thousands of people in this country. Oh, and another classic that I will always and forever love is Sex And the City.

You can read basic things about me in this section: 

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain, i like read your answers. How interesting that you lived in Japan. I also adore Sex and the City. Keep in touch

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of raw tomatoes either to be honest, though I suppose I could eat them with salads where there's heaps of dressing haha! I quite like fruity desserts, though not sure if I could eat a warm fruit by itself :S

jackie jade said...

fun post - i did a 5 things post on my blog on sunday :) that is so cool you grew up in japan and know 2 (at least?) languages. my mom is korean and my dad is american. i grew up in the US and i wish i had learned korean when i was a kid. it owuld be so nice to speak to both of my parents in their native languages. enjoyed learning more about you! :)

CP and KW said...

i also agree with number 5. never ever gets old.
kw ladies in navy

Megan Colwell said...

What a perfect name for a street. I need to get around to joining instagram. Perhaps I need a phone that not's a flip phone. Hah!

<Happy to be your newest follower.

Naomi said...

I hate pickles too! It's the biggest labor of love to make my hubby a sammich and reach into the jar to put 2 whole slices on it. ICK! And I also love Friends. And I yearn to watch it on several occasions! :P

The Occasional Indulgence

Emily said...

This was so fun to read! How fun that you lived in Japan for so long. I'd love to go there some day. Loved getting to know more about you!

Shannon Willardson said...

Thanks for sharing! It's always nice to get to know bloggers on a personal level!


Bel said...

Hi dear!
Nice to hear some facts about yourself!
When I was little I liked beetlejuice! But I was a weird girl who liked bugs and frogs as pets ;)
Funny that you hate raw tomatoes but can't eat other cooked fruit !
How was life growing up in Japan? I would love to visit that wonderful country one day!
I'm hooked to a couple of tv shows too, Breaking bad is one of my favorite!
Take care

Valerie Price said...

What a great blog post! It is always nice to learn more about bloggers! Thank you for sharing!

Stefanía said...

Such a fun post! My father was a Chinese and my mother is from Iceland. I always love finding people who are biracial from Asia! :)


Rhymes With Fashion said...

I don't know why, but I was scared to death of the movie E.T.. The part where he is all skinny and pale laying by that drainage ditch... freaked. me. out! With that being said though, I am a HUGE Walking Dead nerd (I'm talking with a comic collection and everything). Don't judge, it's a great show! Love getting to know you better, and love your style!

P.S. Pickles are nasty, and call me unAmerican, but I don't like apple pie either.

Nancy said...

This is great. I love getting to know you more!
I too LOVE Friends. I still love to watch reruns on TV.
I visited Japan in my first ever flight and overseas trip (all in one). Talk about a jump into frightening territory. I only got a chance to visit Osaka...but it was incredible.

Chelsea said...

I loved reading your facts! My mister grew up in Japan, and though I've only been once, I'm looking forward to visiting again.

Chelsea & The City
Be sure to check out my Stella & Dot trunk show + giveaway!

Yara Mel said...

the foto gives so much information :D BW..amazing.
I like ur style as well.
I'm gonna follow..follow back?? :D

Sunny & Star said...

Love you facts. Beetlejuice scares me too. I still refuse to say the name.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Misty said...

I'm visiting from Laura's place. You had me at your love of Friends. I also love Dexter, Homeland and The Vampire Diaries.

Kelsey Bang said...

pickles pickles pickles pickles pickles pickles! I am sorry about beetle..who know who. he can be kind of creepy. i know you can meet him if you want at universal studios. maybe we should go.... :) also you are way cute!

Denysia Yu said...

I love Friends, and Sex and the City too! :)

CoastWithMe said...

Yes, I never EVER liked Beetlejuice! I'm too sensitive for my own good. Your problems end up being my problems. And I too have an unhealthy expectation for perfectionism! Friends is one of my all time favorite shows! I always watch it at the end of a long day for a little laughter and pick me up! It's the best! I wish the series never ended! Loved getting to know more about you! Feel better girl!

Simona lakenmoon said...

Strange how these childhood scares still affect us later on. Well, I am maybe the opposite, always enjoyed a good scare, was reading Sherlock Holmes when I was six, and watching horror movies with my grandmother when I was ten. Thanks for infusing your blog today with your personality. Keep it coming! xo
ps with all the changes on Google, hey want to follow each other on Bloglovin?

AfinaSkater said...

Nice blog , lovely nd beautyfull looks, do you want to follow each other, if yes let me know, greetings from Moscow! Keep in touch!

dreamingincashmere said...

So fun!! I love learning more about the beautiful ladies behind the blogs!

A Sunshine Day said...

You are too cute! I'm following you on BlogLovin & GFC! I'm a new follower from Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels.

Benlovesting said...

Such an awesome post!

Monica T. said...

Would you like to follow each other via GFC? ;) I've followed you ;)
Greetings ;)

Aga Guerrero Olesinska said...

Cool photo

New post
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Ashley @ embracing the everyday said...

Friends is the BEST! Love it. And so cool that you can speak Japanese!

Tea&Sequins said...

Love the camo and jewels!


Stephanie Lin said...

Your blog is gorgeous! I'm definitely going to be following along now to keep up! I hate raw tomatoes too, haha. So I totally feel you on that :) I'm super excited for the giveaway!

Lilly said...

Loved reading this post and getting to know more about you.
I'm kinda scared of dark haha.