I've been attempting to write a post and publishing it at 6AM Utah time daily, but being in Hawaii has made it absolutely impossible. 
I've been sucked into this "hang loose" mentality. 

And honestly, there hasn't been really any documenting worthy outfits since we came here. 
All I've been wearing are cover ups, shorts, and tees. 
And my panama hat has been my best friend here. 
My hair becomes crazy out of control with this humidity. 
Have you seen the episode on friends when the gang goes to the Bahamas for Ross's paleontology conference? Well, there they discover Monica's insane afro. 
Just picture that on my head. 

And whomever got that Friends reference is my new best friend. ;) 

Naomi said...

I can't picture you with Monica-fro... You'll have to prove it! :P

The Occasional Indulgence

Emma Davidson said...

love your outfit! looking so pretty! xo
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Sandy a la Mode said...

you look soo cute in a hat!!

Sandy a la Mode

CP and KW said...

mm donuts! this is super cute!
kw ladies in navy

Marta said...

Hello from SpaIn, nice photos. You enjoy the good weather. Keep in touch

House of Tong said...

Awww, making me miss home!! i heart malasadas!!

Nancy said...

ah you look so happy to be where you are!! How much do I want to be there too?! haha.


Shannon Willardson said...

Your outfit is great, but those donuts are amazing!


Little-Hat said...

You look great! You fit right in! :) Soooo jealous that you're in Hawaii...


Kelsey Bang said...

you are so cute! i need to watch that episode of friends! hawaii...dreamy! do hang loose and enjoy the ride :)

Sarah Lawrence said...

Looks like Hawaii is amazing, but like that is surprise it is always gorgeous there! Have fun!!


Sunny & Star said...

I am so jealous. I want to be relaxing in Hawaii. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

So pretty, I LOVE lavender and it reminds me that spring is coming!

Sparkles and Shoes

jackie jade said...

new follower from the coffee beans and bobby pins giveaway. love your outfit!!
-- jackiejade.blogspot.com

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

AHHH LEONARDS AND MALASADAS!!!! Eat them up girlie! I went there like everyday for 2 weeks straight! so yum :)

XO Meghan

Chelsea said...

At least you haven't gotten Monica beads yet! I love seeing pictures of your trip, it looks like you're having a blast. How yummy are those donuts?!

Chelsea & The City
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Tea&Sequins said...

I'm mainly jealous of your background, but I love the hat, too. And careful not to get your hair caught in your shower curtain. I'm your newest follower! Love the blog.


Sierra Savannah said...

ooooh these are such pretty photos! And PLEASE unleash your fro, fros are my FAV. seriously.

-sierra savannah

Cate @ Wild Ruffle said...

I always think of that episode when I'm in humidity!

And your pics are making me a bit envious as I sit here amidst the piles of MN snow.:) Enjoy the sun!

Marsa said...

hott hott hott girl!!
soak it up!

super jealous of you right now

The DayLee Journal

Chioma said...

you are so cute Sasha! looks like you're having an amazing time! I totally remember that episode of Friends! hahah!

C's Evolution of Style

CoastWithMe said...

OMGGG LOLLL! I LOVE THAT EPISODE:)))! Those donuts.....COME TO MAMA! I'm drooling! I'm living through your girl! Hope you had an amazing time in Hawaii! This is the perfect island look! Love the panama hat!

Anonymous said...

The weather looks beautiful! The donuts look yummy :D Love the colour of your top!

Ls Notebook said...

Nice post and pictures!


WhoisthatgirlMo said...

Looks like you're having a blast in Hawaii. Your outfit is noteworthy. I love the sandals!