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Let me introduce you to a wonderful local company that help support women artisans from all around the globe! 

So, I'm probably going to sound like a granola. 

I'm told quite often that I'm a granola and how I would fit perfectly in Portland and Seattle. 
And I don't disagree with that. 

But I get SO excited finding new companies that have amazing cause. 
Color by Amber is one of those company. 

They believe in two things I'm passionate about... 
Style and sustainability. 

When you wear a piece of Amber, you help protect the planet. 
Color by Amber is made with 40% pure recycled eco-resin, so every purchase helps nurture the fragile world that sustains us all.

ALSO, they have a program called Full Circle. 
This program helps support, educate and empower women artisans from a variety of selected communities around the globe including Senegal, Mali, Nepal, and South America. 

 The products are assembled here in the U.S., but the gorgeous materials originate from these talented women across the globe.  
The jewelry I'm wearing were made with materials handcrafted by women in Mexico. 
How amazing is this? 

Here is a little video about the company for you to check out and if you make a purchase, be sure to use code 10818 at checkout to receive free shipping!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain, i like your casual outfit. Your shoes are fabulous. Keep in touch

Monica said...

I love companies that use recycled materials and their final outcome just turns out so well.

Seepz said...

That necklace is beautiful and it is good to know that company supports a good cause! Will check them out!

That Sassy Girl
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Salima said...

Where are your shoes from?

Ladies in Navy said...

adore your shoes and necklace! love the story too!
kw ladies in navy

Shannon Willardson said...

Loving those heels and that necklace!


Shannon Hearts said...

That necklace is fabulous!

Monique McCray-Alexander said...

This is a great program and I really like the necklace. Very colorful. :-)

Who is that girl Mo?

Naomi said...

Cute shoes~

The Occasional Indulgence

Brittany Barnes said...

your body language in the top pic is so awesome, like "what!?!? ya.. i'm hot. that's what".

where is the flannel from?

Kelsey Bang said...

the first picture! dang girl!!! amazing! you are so cute! love the comfy formal look on you :)

Sasha Tenorio said...

It's an old purchase from TJ.Maxx!