You guys, I want you to meet my babe friend, Brittany from Leopard & Plaid.
You will never meet anyone that is quite talented as this mama. 
She is the queen of estate sale hunting, professional DIY-er, fabulous fashionista, and an Etsy shop owner! 
She recently started her blog, Leopard & Plaid. 
If you love beauty, fashion, and home decor it is a must read! 
Go check out her blog here. 

Hey everybody! I'm Brittany from Leopard and Plaid; a lifestyle blog about fashion, beauty, design and decor. I'm a certified wardrobe stylist with a passion for helping women to express their personal style as well as teaching them how to dress their body types. I've had lots of opportunities to publicly speak to women of all ages about image and the power of clothing. With fashion comes beauty of course! I spend a lot of time researching beauty products, I'm determined to find the best of the best! I especially love blogging about top products in different categories. I get so excited about concealers to body scrubs to hair serums and blush, the list goes on. If you can't tell... I'm 100% girl! I also love design of all types and my husband and I live for a good diy project. Creating things is where I'm most comfortable. Its therapeutic and so gratifying.

I'm grateful to Sasha for this opportunity, we've been friends for a few years now and she continues to inspire me. She is a sweetie pie but also a HOTTIE. I mean right?

My etsy shop is a great outlet for me to showcase current creations. Right now I'm really into jewelry making. I would love to giveaway one of my coral necklaces today to one lucky Moiology reader. This necklace was inspired by an Oscar de la Renta piece a few seasons ago and brings a burst of color to any boring outfit.

The giveaway will go until 6/7 Friday.
Good luck! 

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Hailey Devine said...

She is so cute! & I want this necklace soo bad...

Ilham Pratama said...

I can not reiterate how did I get here ...
it is not a problem but my luck
I do not understand very well about fotografhy and fashion
but I'm quite aware of the charming smile that
just about me and you

Taylor Elyse said...

What a cute outfit! I'll be checking out her blog right away.