Happy Friday everyone! 

I've been a little busy lately with work and other obligations, so I don't have an outfit post today. 
BUT I have many photos from the past week that I wanted to share. 
They are mostly cute photos of my little Luna, but here are other note worthy events that happened. 

+ We did a little staycation up in Salt Lake for Thanksgiving weekend and took Luna with us. 
She experienced a lot of things for the first time this trip. 
We found out that she is not a fan of bridges and revolving doors. 
Although, she did master the revolving door towards the end of our trip! 
Now she can walk through it like a champ. No luck on the bridge though. 

Also, watching her ride on the elevator for the first time was so sad and hysterical at the same time. 
She was so confused with what was happening! I will have to take a video of her reaction next time. 

+ We also had one of our best friends, Corey stay with us over the weekend as well... 
It's been a while since we saw each other, so it was nice to just spend quality time with him. 

+ My good friend Jenny brought me back this sinfully delicious chocolate from Switzerland! You better believe it was gone within hours. There is something about chocolates from Europe.... 

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! 

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Moira Wolf said...

you mean happy friday!? haha

Chelsea said...

I love these little roundups! It looks like you've been having a blast lately Sasha.

Chelsea & The City

Kim Topolewski said...

Luna is so adorable! :)

carelessly graceful

Hanna Lei said...

Your dog is adorable! -Hanna Lei

Sheila said...

Aww cute doggie!

xo – Sheila
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Nancy said...

love these shots. That chocolate is my weakness!! Did you like it?!


sasha said...

hahaha... oh my goodness, YES!! i clearly have the case of Fridays! ;)