A little while ago I had the opportunity to visit this cute baby boutique called Sprout while visiting San Francisco. 

This darling shop is located on chic Union Street and it is known for its all-organic and natural baby products. The store was founded because Suzanne the owner was learning a lot about the organic industry and started to become concerned about all the products we use every day and all the problems they come with. She was especially concerned because she was thinking of starting a family and didn’t know where to find all the organic products she was looking for. After a lot of research, Sprout opened in April 2009 and Suzanne was pregnant with her little daughter 2 weeks later!

I truly admire, love and respect how much Sprout supports other local businesses and the community. And as a new mama-to-be, it can get a little overwhelming with all the baby goods and gears you need to purchase before the bebe makes its debut. So I find comfort in knowing that the owner runs a carefully curated selection. I know that anything I purchase from there is going to be a great quality item and safe for my baby girl. 

If you are in the area, it's definitely a stop you want to make! 

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Wishes & Reality said...

Such a great store! Congratulations, again!

Heidi D.

Hanna Lei said...

The store looks gorgeous! -Hanna Lei

Jeanne said...

Lovely pictures!

Gi said...

I am so incredibly obsessed with your lip color and that dress! GAHHHHH Super pretty!

my sinina said...

OMG this is seriously the cutest baby boutique I have ever seen!! you look great Sasha, I agree with the commenter above, that lippie looks amazing on you! :)


Sasha Tenorio said...

Thank you so much, Heidi! Xo

Sasha Tenorio said...

It really was Hanna!

Sasha Tenorio said...

Oh my... You make me feel so great, Gi! I needed that. It's hard to feel like you are the best version of yourself when you are constantly still feeling ill. But all for a good cause, right? ;)

Sasha Tenorio said...

The photos don't do justice, Uris! It really was a beautiful little space.