Couple weeks ago, our favorite restaurant in Deer Valley, Apex invited us to try their new menu.
That weekend happened to be our anniversary, so when the staff found out they made it extra special for our occasion. Truly is was an amazing experience. 

That's what dining is about thought right? Experience? It's not just the quality of the food for me. It's everything. The ambiance, staff, and food. That's what you get when you go to Apex. 
They don't just offer stellar food. You get the whole package. 

It's definitely a fine dining experience. You walk out feeling like money was fell spent. Am I the only one that loves that satisfying feeling? 

So, let's quickly talk about our AMAZING waiter who helped us that night. I don't know if he majored in English, but the way the man described each item so eloquently on the menu was incredible. With words he painted us a picture so vivid, we could almost taste it. He impressed us so much we got everything he recommended. And boy, am I happy that we did! 

I'm not a huge branzino person, but it was simply the best branzino I've ever had. 
The meat on the fish would literally just melt in your mouth. 
Ah. I'm salivating just talking about it. 
The house made caesar salad they make in front of you is a great starter. I believe they have this all year long, since it's a classic dish. You must get it if you ever visit Apex. Also, get their Moscow Mule. I love the imported ginger ale they use. I think it adds a different kick to it. It was the best I've had. 

We had scallops, oysters, and so many other starters. Surprisingly, we didn't have any leftovers to take home. We finished it all at the restaurant. We got there fairly early in the evening, but we were the last ones to leave. It truly was the ultimate dining experience. 

Also, can I mention that their breakfast is also out of this world? Their crunchy french toast is my absolute favorite. 

I don't review restaurants unless I absolutely love it, but you guys... truly. If you have a special occasion to celebrate or you are just up in that area, check them out. You won't regret it.

Thanks for having us Apex! 

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