These are the last photos from our trip to LA, I promise. 
I know this is old news, but I had to post these. 
The second day of the shoot with Orbit took place on a running trail by Manhattan beach and we shot the new Orbit O2, which is their new jogging stroller base they will release sometime this fall. 
As you can see in the photos it looks so futuristic and cool. 
 I'm already in love just by playing around with it for a day. 
I can't wait for it to come out! 
Anyway, the last day was the same crew with another model, Rachel added to the shoot. 
Rachel is a professional model, well that should be very apparent from the photos. I'm 5"5 and This slender beauty made me look like I was a little child. Haha...
I had such a great time shooting with this group of wonderful people. 
I was so sad when it ended. I wish we could do more work together. 
It's not often you find a group of extremely talented and capable people that are equally kind and caring. It made me love the company and the product even more. 

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Paige Flamm said...

So fun! This looks like it was such an amazing trip!


Hanna Lei said...

Looks like fun! -Hanna Lei

Teresa Hamilton said...

It seems every one had a good time.
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