Here is day 1's behind the scenes with Orbit. 
We had 8 am call time, so we left the hotel at 7 am to get to Venice beach. 
It was such a dreamy location to kick off our photoshoot. 
I got to get ready while looking out the ocean from the trailer while feeling the ocean breeze. 
It was surreal.

Day 1 was all about G3 and the limited edition they are launching sometime this year. 
I don't have photos of the limited edition, but you can count on it making an appearance on this blog once it launches. 
It's absolutely beautiful, you guys. 

I'm such a sucker for products that are practical and convenient but also beautiful in design. 
Orbit really knows how to do that. 
I'll eventually do a post about all things baby gear which I will talk more about the functionality of Orbit's stroller and all the things I love about it. 

Going back to the shoot though... If we are being completely honest, maybe I should just pretend and act cool like this is my typical life, like I do this all day, everyday. But the truth is... I've only been casted for big shoots like this only a handful of times, so I had butterflies in my stomach the day before. I even felt slightly inadequate and started to question why I got casted. 
But once the shoot started I quickly felt like I was in my element. 

I'm so thankful that I was able to be part of this amazing campaign with my little family. 
The crew was a dream to work with. 
I can't wait to show you guys the rest of the behind the scenes throughout the week! 

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Maja Sanela said...

O, it's so sweet and warm feeling. <3

Paige Flamm said...

This is so fun! What an awesome opportunity!


Hanna Lei said...

Very cool! -Hanna Lei

sasha said...

It really was such a sweet experience being able to be part of it with my little babe!

sasha said...

It really was such a blast! Thank you for always commenting Paige! Xo