Oh, you guys... I was going to take outfit photos today but it didn't happen. 
We've been working on our yard nonstop which means, I'm covered in sweat and dirt so there is nothing pretty to even see. Do I sound insanely old when I say that? 
When did I get old enough to have my yard and have the responsibility to maintain it!? 
It boggles my mind. 
Well, since I am absolutely clueless about maintaining a yard, my parents came up to guide me through the whole process. 
I'm grateful that they are extremely knowledgable about things I'm clueless about. 
Maybe one day I will be able to show you guys our little yard. 
Right now its just a sad sight. We are trying desperately to make it look somewhat decent. 

Anyway, since I didn't shoot my outfit of the day, here are some random photos I forgot to post from our LA trip. I know I promised that the LA photos were done, but clearly I lied. 
But I think this time I'm really done, for real. ;)

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Sheila said...

Awww great photos! I miss LA!

xo - Sheila

Maja Sanela said...

Love you simple outfit, and lovely messy bun :D


Paige Flamm said...

We're totally in the same new-home-owners-dont-know-what-to-do-with-our-yard-boat as you! I think you're supposed to rake some thing? Maybe mow? Our yard is super rough haha!


Jessica Garcia said...

It sorta happens one day you wake up and you're an adult!

xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

Beauty Follower said...

Nice photos!


Hanna Lei said...

Great photos, such a cute family -Hanna Lei

sasha said...

I know! I do too, Sheila!

Alice Taylor said...

This is also a very good post which I really enjoyed reading. It is not everyday that I have the possibility to see something like this.