Last Wednesday we jetted off to the beautiful Bay area with our friends, Josh and Jacqueline. 
We got back past midnight on Sunday, so I wasn't able to have a post set for yesterday. 
But I plan on blogging our entire stay this week so stay tuned! 
I have to admit, my first time exploring the city of San Francisco was last year and I think I didn't give enough credit to this beautiful city. I remember coming back home feeling slightly underwhelmed. The only thing that I truly loved and enjoyed was being with my wonderful friend, Tiffany and having her show me Off The Grid. Have you guys been? 
It's food truck heaven! I was 19 weeks pregnant with Coco at the time and I remember just making a stop at truck. 
This time around was different though... I feel like I didn't give SF a solid chance last time, so I went back with an open mind and really looking forward the food scene. 
I have to say... I think I left a little piece of my hear there! 
SF welcomed us with a little chilly and windy, but beautiful weather. 
We got to do so many things and meet SO many wonderful people there. 
These photos were taken on day 2. We explored Golden Gate Park, Marin Headlands, Point Bonita Lighthouse, Sausalito, and Muir Woods. 
I can't tell you how magical each locations were. 
I think Lehi did such a great job documenting, especially Muir Woods. 
I will be posting more photos throughout this week and also a tip or two on traveling SF with a baby! 
I've got lots to say about that. I definitely learn more as I travel with Coco. 
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Paige Flamm said...

These pictures are gorgeous and I love your coat!


Hanna Lei said...

Love all these photos! You're so talented -Hanna Lei

Rupa said...


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