We decided to take the early afternoon flight into San Jose because of Coco's schedule. This is her 8th flight this year, so I'm slowly getting the whole "traveling with a baby" thing. She really did amazing. 

After checking-in at the Grand Hyatt in Union Square, we decided to go get dinner at the Wayfare Tavern -- a highly rated Tyler Florence resto in the financial district. 

Even thought we arrived a little later than our reservation, they were so accommodating and seated us  right away. The meal started with an amazingly attentive server and warm popovers. 

Mid dinner, I realized that Coco had a massive blowout. Like this one will go down in history-big. I somehow got poo all over my upper arm which I didn't realize until way later. And of course, this is the one time that I forgot to pack a change of clothes for her. I was also running low on her wipes. Dealing with this situation in a not-so-baby-friendly restaurant was definitely challenging. But it forced me to get creative and we somehow got through it. 

After dinner, we headed to Mitchell's ice cream. Our friend, Josh is a bit of an ice cream connoisseur, so we had a long list of ice cream shops we wanted to try. This was our first stop. 

While Lehi waited in line to order, I found a bench to feed Coco her last feeding. 

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