We celebrated Coco's birthday over the weekend by throwing a small party.
We wanted it to be super low key. It's honestly so easy for me to get carried away with events like this. Initially, I wanted to invite all of our close friends too, but as the guest list grew I knew I either had to book a venue to host all the guest and buy more food which would be insanely expensive, or scale down on the guest list. Well, I wasn't about to book a venue and have a lavish birthday party for my baby girl as much as I love her. She'll get something lavish when she gets married, if that is what she wants.... 
Fall and winter birthdays are hard! If it were warmer I would just have it at a park or something.... 
I'll stop ranting. 
Anyway, so we just invited our family. 
It was small, but perfect. 
Quite honestly, the easiest, stress-free party I've ever thrown. 

I honestly can't believe that Coco is one. 
Unlike most of my mama friends, it really hasn't hit me. 
It hasn't sunk in that I'm a toddler's mother and a whole year just past by me. 
I can't help but to feel like our life is running away. 
I have conflicting emotions. Mixture of sadness and happiness, bittersweet feelings about the fleeting nature of childhood. 

You guys... my baby girl is one. ONE! 

One whole year of being a mama. 
This past year felt like the longest journey at times, but now that I look back, it went in the blink of an eye and my baby is no longer a baby. She is this little girl. 
This first year with my bestest girl
has been one hell of an adventure.
An adventure which I'm a little sad to put behind us,
but when I think of all the adventures that we still have to come,
I just feel excited,
and so incredibly lucky that I get to be this girl's mama.

I love you with all my heart baby girl,
my little best friend in the making.

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Hanna Lei said...

Happy Birthday to her! -Hanna Lei

Paige Flamm said...

Such a fun and sweet party! Happy Birthday Coco!


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