I don't think I can ever leave this place you guys. 
It's truly a heavenly place. We got to take Coco to the beach today. It's her first time since she started walking, so I was so excited to see how she would do feeling the sand for the first time and trying to walk on it. Like I suspected, she was extremely indifferent initially, but she quickly warmed up to it and just looooved it by the end of it. She didn't want to leave! If it was up to that girl, we would have stayed there all night. She loved digging in the sand. Now it makes sense why parents by sandbox for some kids. 
Oh, and I have THE most comical story for you. 
While hanging out on the beach, we decided to order bunch of food like nachos, ceviche, and pinacoladas for lunch. Well, there were bunch of seagulls on the beach, but I didn't quite think anything of it. But we were attacked by a gang of seagulls!! One of them took the steak off of our nachos. I started freaking out hysterically yelling, "uh-uh! uh-uh!" mean while Coco was having a blast waving and clapping saying "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!"
It was the perfect mid lunch entertainment for her. 
Mama on the other hand is slightly traumatized. 
I get why Caitlin the bachelorette had bird-phobia a little bit.
Although I joke and say I have PTSD, I don't think I will ever forget that moment-- in a good way. This is exactly what I wanted from our trips. These types of funny and unforgettable moments with our family and friends and... being attacked by a gang of seagulls. 
Anyway, I took a snapchat of it. It was hilarious. My snapchat username is: sashaiteno. 
Come find me! 
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