Crop Top Tank [$20 and the quality is amazing] // Silky Patterned Pants [old but similar here] // Brown Heels [similar]// Neon Clutch [similar] // Fedora [on SALE!!]
I lived in this crop top tank when we were in Mexico! I swear it goes with everything. I also feel like it gives the false illusion of my legs being longer than what it actually is. I love that though. I need any help I can get there. 
Also, can I quickly talk about how I have white sugar stain on my right boob in the photos. 
I just noticed after I uploaded the photos and I am a little too lazy to edit those out. I'm not really photoshop savvy. So I'm sorry that's there. Such an eye sore. But in case you are wondering... I had Mexican donuts and yes, they were delicious. It was worth the stain. 
I hope you guys are having a fantastic day! 
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Hanna Lei said...

I love that top -Hanna Lei

Atul Gupta said...

Nice Top! You are looking too gorgeous.It's too tricky to purchase wholesale fashion clothing but it easily done by you. Thanks for sharing.

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