Eyelet Dress [old] // Pom Pom Purse // Sandals  // Turquoise Earrings // 

Here is quick post on the outfit I wore to one of the dinners. 
I love this Thread & Needle dress I scored on sale at the Net-a-Porter sale -- which ended few days ago. I wish I could find something really similar to link. Also, my favorite pom pom clutch seems like it's currently in stock, but it seems like it sells out quick, so get it for your next tropic vacay while it's there! I promise you will get so many compliments. I got lucky and snagged it right when they got it back in stock. 

I will link couple of my favorite white dresses and playful clutches below: 

 photo MOIOLOGY_signature_zps38545c67.png
Kristie Glenn said...

Beautiful pics! Love the dress and the detail on the bag is amazing!


Monika Wlodarczyk said...

I love these earrings!


unnatisilks said...

You look beautiful!
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sisilalala said...

lovely handbag and it collocates well with your white dress!

RosieLart said...

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