Hey guys, do you remember me? I was on a roll blogging two months ago. 
I got really, really, reaaaallly sick and my world turned upside down right after we got back from Cancun. For a brief moment, I swear I thought I legit had Zika. As it turns out, my immune system disorder just got worse, so I was on bed rest for a while... I was going to start my first round of immunotherapy, but that had to be put on hold for other reasons we were expecting. It's just been crazy around here. We had to cancel two of our trips because I got really ill. I'm finally feeling a little better, so no more bed rest for me! I just have to remember to keep things slow and easy -- which is nearly impossible with a toddler. 

Anyway, I found these photos from Cancun I never posted, so I thought I'd post them. 

On a different note, we have some super exciting news to share soon!! 

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