You guys, I am SO excited to share this post about Munchkin's STEP diaper pail with you today. 
Right now we are in the middle of transitioning Coco's nursery into big girl's room and we are taking all the baby stuff into baby boy's unfinished nursery. (I'm almost in tears writing that... ) 
Most of the bigger important things were splurge items for us because it was important that we could continue to use that item with our other future babies. I did an excessive amount of research on all the things we purchased for Coco, including that lovely little diaper pail you can see in the second photo. That's our old diaper pail. RIP.
There are so many baby gear and goods out there that it can be overwhelming sometimes to choose the right one for your little one and family. 
For us, aesthetic and the functionality is super important. But we weren't able to find a diaper pail that had both of those qualities when I was pregnant with Coco. So we went with Munchkin's old Arm and Hammer diaper pail. The #1 order control definitely sold us on it, but you know how it is.... after two years you are bound to find newer and better items. That's when I found Munchkin's new STEP diaper pail. 
Oh, you guys.... This is EXACTLY what I was looking for when I was pregnant with Coco! 
It looks sleek with its modern and clean stainless steel accents and its minimalistic stylish body.
Not to mention, the odor control on this thing is on point. As soon as I opened it from the box, I could smell the subtle refreshing scent. 
I'm just in love. I know we will be able to use this for the next few years until our babies are done using diapers. Every parent needs this. There is nothing like it on the market right now. Get on it mamas! 
Right now they are having a sale on it here. 
Also, just a little bonus... every diaper pail they sell, Munchkin will plant a tree! 
This sponsored post is brought to you with the help of companies I love like Munchkin. 
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