Recently it hit me. I realized that baby boy is coming really really soon and it's giving me a little anxiety. Has this happened to anyone else? Don't get me wrong, I'm SO thrilled to add an addition and I already know he is going to be the biggest sweetheart, but there is something bittersweet about letting go what you've known and have gotten used to. Coco is only 19 months, but instinctually she is so motherly. I know she will be an amazing big sister... I'm starting to think that the transition will be a lot easier for her than me. We all worry about the first born and how they are going to handle the addition, but you guys... I think she's going to be just fine. Me on the other hand? I've got lots mind prepping to do. 
So, with anticipating the arrival of our baby boy, I've been trying to squeeze in lots and lots of quality time in with Coco. One of our favorite things to do is getting out of the house and going to get dessert or treats. I've never been much of an ice cream person, but something happens when I'm pregnant. I become an ice cream feen. I could eat it daily if I could. 
Thankfully, for this mama we have Baskin-Robbins just around the corner from us. Would it be embarrassing if I confessed that I've come to know the night time crew because we go there a little too often? 
Well, naturally I was thrilled when Baskin-Robbins approached me to help spread the word about their new Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich. It's completely customizable from top to bottom. You can mix and match cookies, you can get a single scoop of ice cream or double, but the best part in my opinion is the warm gooey cookie wrapping the cold ice cream. There is something I absolutely love about cold and hot together for desserts. It's a magical combination, in my opinion. 
You can try this at ANY location now!
Go grab your favorite someone this week and take them out to get some of this delicious Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich and spend a little quality #Sandwiching time! 
This post was brought to you with Baskin Robbins. 
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Beauty Follower said...

Yummy sandwich... yellow sandals and pink little shoes :)

RobertoSawfless said...

you look so happy, and it makes people from happy also!thank you

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