With the arrival of baby #2 getting closer and closer, we started breaking out all the infant essentials we used with Coco. With August being Breast Feeding awareness month and seeing some of these items again bring back so many memories, good and the struggles I had with the journey of feeding Coco. 

So, yesterday we got out our boxes full of bottles out and started re-cleaning and sanitizing them and I couldn't help but to become a little sentimental. Who knew feeding a baby would be such an emotional experience. Well, at least it was for me.  

 I knew I wanted to nurse Coco from the time I was pregnant. It was something I really looked forward to, but as a first-time mama, I learned that there are numerous of things that are out of your control. Nursing didn't come naturally for me as I thought it would initially. It was definitely one of the things I struggled with. But it was SO wonderful once I got it down. It became naturally easier for me and I was able to really enjoy the bonding time. But... a few months later when I was juggling the adjustment of being a new mama, taking care of this little new life, and work, all in the midst of post-partum depression I didn't want to admit I had.... I decided that it was a good idea to start using bottles for certain times of the day, so I had the time and ability to get things that needed to be done or rest. It was a game changer for me. But Coco was a little picky with bottles, so we went through SO many different brands of bottles to find the ones that worked for us. One of our favorites were Munchkin's LATCH. The transition from nursing to bottle feeding was so much easier. 
Embarrassingly, we base A LOT of our decisions for new purchases off of Amazon's reviews and it rarely lets us down. Just like all the reviews, LATCH was fantastic for us.
I know nursing is not for everyone, but for me... it's something so special. I feel like it's a great privilege to be able to offer that to my children. I'm so excited to go through this again with our second baby. I'm hoping this time around will be more of a gentle adjustment since I've gone through it once and have a better idea and know which products work best. 

I don't think they had this when Coco was nursing or taking a bottle, but Munchkin has these sterilization bags and nursing pads I never knew about! I already used the sterilization bags, and holy crap, you guys. It's SO much better than the one I used to use. We have this massive sterilization machine, but sometimes I get lazy and forget to turn it on, so I love having a couple of these microwavable bags to sterilize bottles. It's super fast and easy -- which is what all mamas need, I think. Plus, it's not a huge investment like the machine which also takes up most of my counter space. These bags are a winner, I promise. If you don't believe me, go read the reviews on Amazon. They are on point. 

This post was brought to you with one of our favorite baby brands, Munchkin. 
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